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Sun Screen (6)

Everyday Family Needs (67)

Oral Care (9)

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Hand Soap (6)

Natural Laundry Soap & Dryer Balls (6)

Water Alkaline Systems (6)

Tea (22)

Hand Sanitizers (1)

Roll-Ons (6)

Detox & Energizers for Active Adults (15)

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Liver Detox (2)

Other Detox (2)

Deodorant (5)

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Ski Socks (3)

Ache & Pain Relief (26)

External Treatments for Pain and Bruises (8)

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Gout / Uric Acid (1)

Wearables for Pain Management (11)

Changing Stages of Life (29)

Specific to Men (9)

Erectile Dysfunction (1)

Specific to Women (10)

Digestive Health (10)

Common Ailments (41)

High Blood-Pressure Normalization (1)

Diabetes (23)

Natural Diabetes Normalization (8)

Juvenile Obesity Prevention (2)

Mild to Moderate Diabetes (1-6 years) (3)

Severe Diabetes (6 years+ and on insulin) (2)

Other Alternatives (1)

Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial Socks for Diabetics (15)

Incrediwear Socks for Diabetics (12)

Alzheimer's (Type-3 Diabetes) (1)

Alzheimer's Prevention (1)

Bone & Joint Rebuilding after Injury (8)

Cholesterol Control (2)

Cancer (1)

Muscle Cramps (1)

Cardiovascular Health (1)

Anti-aging (1)

Urinary Tract Infection (1)

Varicose veins (1)

Toddlers & Teenagers (11)

Natural Skin Health (77)

DERMO Rollers and Conditioners (3)

Skin Conditioners (Wrinkle, Scar & Facial Creams) (7)

Dark Spot and Other Creams (4)

Eczema (5)

Cold Sores (1)

Annemarie Borlind Facial Care Line (35)

30+ Demanding Skin (5)

Sensitive Skin (4)

Dry Skin (4)

Skin Needing Extra Moisture (4)

Combination Skin Types (4)

Already Aged Skin (5)

Introductory Packs (3)

Other (6)

Emu Oil for Burns and Moisturizing (2)

Skin Irration Cream (1)

Bar & Liquid Soap for Sensitive Skin (2)

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Skin Health Supplement (5)

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Iron and Blood Builder (4)

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Thyroid (3)

Migraine Headaches & Allergies (1)

Immune Health (2)

Ginseng (2)

Anti-oxidants (4)

Anti-inflammation (3)

Omega Oil for Heart and Skin Health (3)

Babies & Moms (20)

For Babies (14)

For Moms (6)

Tested on Humans for Animals (18)

Diabetic Pets (1)

Arthritic & Joint Health (6)

Dental Health (4)

General Health & Wellbeing (8)

Hair Care (23)

Vegetable-based Permanent Hair Colour (15)

Hair Growth (4)

Hair Treatment (2)

Natural Shampoo (2)

All Products (377)

Tested on Humans for Animals

Don’t forget about your best friends’ needs as well! All our pet products were developed after successful testing in humans.

18 products

Eleotin Pet Metabolism (for dogs and cats)

$19.00 (30 servings)

A daily multi-purpose dietary supplement that helps to regulate blood glucose levels, increases energy levels, and boosts the immune system.


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Omega Alpha Glucosa Pet

$9.00 (120 mL)

To maintain your pet’s mobility and strengthen their ligaments and joints.


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Omega E-Z Rest (Calming)

$9.00 (120 mL)

A calming tonic for stress and pet anxiety.


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Omega Ear Treatment

$25.00 (30 mL)

Natural treatment for ear mites, infections and inflammation.


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Omega Para-Free (Parasite)

$9.00 (120 mL)

Para-Free is an all natural, herbal combination for protection and detoxification of parasites.


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OregaPet Bed & Body Spray

$20.00 (120 ml)

OregaPet Bed & Body Spray combats bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections.


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OregaPet Dental Spray

$15.00 (60 ml)

OregaPet Oral Hygiene products contain natural compounds that are proven to help fight bacteria that cause canine dental plaque, gingivitis and periodontitis.


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OregaPet First Aid Gel

$23.00 (2 oz)

OregaPet First Aid Gel is used as an external infection defence to helps fight infection & speeds healing.


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OregaPet Large Dog Dental Treat

$6.00 (100 g)

These extra large bone shaped treats help to reduce plaque buildup, neutralize bad bacteria & acids that can cause tooth decay and bad breath.


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OregaPet MINI Dental Treat

$13.00 (40 pieces)

These treats aren't just for playing around, they help kill bacteria and neutralize the acids that cause tooth decay and bad breath.


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OregaPet Oil of Oregano

$23.00 (12 mL)

Protect your four legged family members against internal infections and conditions such as worms, food poisoning, bacterial infections and more.


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OregaPet Shampoo Therapy

$19.00 (240 ml)

OregaPet Shampoo Therapy helps kill and repel bugs, fungus and bacteria naturally without toxic chemicals or pesticides.


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OregaPet Toothpaste

$15.00 (60 ml)

A powerful antioxidant1 and anti-inflammatory, Oil of Oregano is a non-toxic and healthy dietary supplement that can help support your pet's defence systems.


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QEVA Arthritis Relief for Pets

$25.00 (30 caps)


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QEVA Elk Bites with Elk Antler 100's

$55.00 (350 g)

The relief of symptoms of osteoarthritis and stiffness and senility associated with aging.


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QEVA Elk Bites with Elk Antler 40's

$29.00 (150 g)

The relief of symptoms of osteoarthritis and stiffness and senility associated with aging.


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QEVA Equineva Powder for Big Dogs and Horses

$125.00 (100 g)

To relieve inflammatory and painful conditions and to help increase strength and endurance and recovery and healing time following workouts or injury.


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QEVA Mini Elk Bites 40's

$25.00 (150 g)

The relief of symptoms of osteoarthritis and stiffness and senility associated with aging.


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