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Bug and Pickle Baby Butter

$16.00 (57 g)

Bug & Pickle’s rich and healing Baby Butter soothes those extra dry or irritated patches that can plague a baby’s tender, sensitive skin.


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Bug and Pickle Baby's Scalp Oil

$14.00 (10 mL)

Bug and Pickle's scalp oil combines lemon and geranium essential oils to help ease the symptoms of cradle cap.


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Bug and Pickle Teething Oil

$14.00 (10 ml)

Quickly relieves your baby`s pain and soothes their gums.


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Bug and Pickle Tummy Trouble

$14.00 (59 ml)

A newborn’s digestive system may need a bit of help to keep working smoothly, which is where Bug & Pickle’s Tummy Trouble comes in.


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Lalabee Bottom Balm

$7.00 (20 g)

Lalabee Bottom Balm help soothe sensitive skin and keep Baby's bottom dry from contact with wet diapers.


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Lalabee Bottom Balm

$13.50 (80 g)

Helps soothe sensitive skin and keep Baby's bottom protected from contact with wet diapers.


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Lalabee Gentle Baby Wash

$13.50 (20 mL)

Gentle Baby Wash is a shampoo and body wash all in one that is perfect for newborns and anyone with sensitive skin.


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Lalabee Lalabee Baby Moisturizer

$13.50 (80 g)

Baby Moisturizer, a super moisturizing balm, is perfect for dry chapped skin and leaves Baby feeling extra soft and well hydrated.


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Lalabee Silly Sweet Orange Bubble Bath

$13.50 (250 mL)

Lalabee Bathworks Organic Sweet Orange Bubble Bath is made with 100% certified organic and natural ingredients


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Scentuals Baby Balm

$11.00 (120 g)

This gentle and healing salve contains no petroleum products and soothes and protects your baby’s delicate skin by creating a barrier from unwanted moisture.


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Scentuals Baby Rash Cream

$11.00 (125 g)

It has the soft, light scent of pure essential oil blend, and you can use it liberally and often to bring your baby’s bottom back to its normal healthy state.


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Scentuals Baby Steps Lotion

$14.00 (250 mL)

Help your baby retain the natural softness of his or her skin with this creamy baby lotion.


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Scentuals Baby Steps Shampoo

$12.00 (250 mL)

Used as a body wash or shampoo, this pure and gentle formula is detergent-free and will clean thoroughly.


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Spry Infant Tooth Gel w/ Pacifier

$15.00 (60 ml)

Regular usage significantly improves the strength of the tooth enamel while effectively controlling bacteria in the mouth that can cause cavities.


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