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Living with Weight Management Issues

Have you ever been asked to watch your diet or control your body weight by health professionals? You are not alone!

Metabolic diseases caused by being over-weight are on the rise, as our generation continues to feed on processed foods that are marketed for its taste and convenience rather than health factor. There are numerous ways to maintain a healthy weight, but remember to try and avoid short term diet plans. Short term diet plans tend to lead to short term results. 

Reasons why we don’t succeed in controlling our body weight:

  • We are influenced by advertisements and impulsively go out to buy certain trendy “diet foods”.
  • Most weight-loss products follow one of the four main ideas; food suppression, laxative, improvement of metabolic functions and increased fiber diets. All of those usually provide short term results but the return of the lost weight is almost guaranteed in those cases.
  • Our goals are unreasonable, and we usually want to achieve our desired weight in an unreasonable period of time.
  • Sudden changes in our diets can cause our bodies to stress and eventually result in long term weight gain instead.
  • Dieting can be a lonely process, especially for socially active adults.

Workable Lifestyle Suggestions 

  • Be reasonable and remember that for any weight management plan to work you have to be dedicated and start slowly, the targets will not be achieved overnight. 
  • Losing one pound per week is very achievable, so try to plan out the next 6 months with that number in mind.
  • Advertised diets that seem too good to be true usually are, try to come up with your own plan that works with your own body.
  • Instead of lunch or dinner plans, try to plan other non-eating activities with friends.
  • Safe short term plans such as fruits or vegetable detox programs should be considered first if you really need to shed a few pounds in a short period of time.
  • A medium term program should be focused on improving and regulating your body’s ability to metabolize sugars.   So eat meals at regular intervals during the day.
  • Be prepared for lifestyle changes, be aware of meal sizes and meal selections and also try to implement a steady exercise program.
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