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Living with Rosacea

Rosacea affects almost 2 million Canadians and most patients will struggle with chapped skin, burning sensations on the face, red veins on the nose, itchy eyes and acne-like outbreak.

Rosacea usually cannot be outgrown like teenager acne, but there are ways to control the condition. Rosacea consists mostly of small red bumps that have no extractable blackheads. Squeezing a rosacea pimple usually expels clear liquids.

What triggers a flare up?

  • Alcohol and spicy food
  • Coffee and chocolate
  • Wind burn and exposure to cold temperatures
  • Sun exposure without protection
  • Usage of excessively hot water for facial baths after exercising
  • Stress or digestive problems
  • Menopause
  • Dairy products, soy products, yeast, peas and citrus fruit
  • Certain foods such as eggplant, avocados and spinach

Workable Lifestyle Suggestions

  • Moisturize the face with chamomile or rosehip cream daily
  • Manage your day to minimize stress
  • A good source of Omega 3 and 7 with Vitamin D will help to promote healthier skin
  • Identify the type of food that is causing your flare-ups by keeping a journal, do not forget to record side dishes or spices used
  • Digestive enzyme will help for those that have digestive problems
  • Drink green tea instead of coffee
  • Avoid the use of over the counter acne products as they may worsen the condition in the long run
  • Try natural ingredient moisturizers, and use a heavier one during winter months
  • When washing the face, try to use mild water temperatures and do not scrub or brush the skin.  Try not to exfoliate the areas affected directly.
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