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Living with Diabetes: Foot health

Roughly 10% of Diabetics will develop foot ulcers and almost 1/4 of those who do develop foot ulcers will require amputation (of the partial foot or leg) if the ulcer does not heal.

Foot health is extremely important for those living with diabetes. Dry skin, ingrown toenails, blisters and cracks could all lead to very serious problems.  Cold feet (literally) are the first sign of circulation problems. Try to watch for swelling, pain, odour and loss of sensation.  Never think it is a minor problem, check with your doctor if you are diabetic and notice any of the above problems.

Workable Lifestyle Suggestions
  • Be extra careful when cutting toenails and keep them trimmed
  • Do not use over the counter corn or callous products
  • Wear well fitted shoes and diabetic socks. Diabetic socks are designed to promote circulation.
  • Wear indoor shoes or slippers in the house to avoid accidental cuts
  • If your feet are cold and you plan on using any warm heat source, make sure you check the temperature before you put your feet in it.
  • Check your feet daily, try wearing white or grey colour socks and watch for discharges or traces of blood.
  • Use only warm water and non-perfumed soap; make sure all parts are completely dried.
  • Use a natural lotion to keep the skin soft, but do not put it between your toes


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