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Living with Diabetes: Blood Pressure Control

Diabetics must also watch out for one other common problem - blood pressure. It is a common fact that most patients suffering from high blood sugar levels also have problems with their blood pressure.

When a person's blood sugar concentration gets higher, their blood will likely also become thicker. Imagine having to suck up honey through a straw, you would have to use much more effort to do that than if you were trying to suck up water. Your heart ends up having to work harder to circulate your blood, which creates a higher pumping pressure.

Remember that there are fine veins located in your eyes, kidneys and your brain. That's the reason why diabetics often have complications with those organs and areas.

Workable lifestyle suggestions
  • Try to do moderate exercise such as walking for 45 minutes per day.
  • Do not try to take up a demanding sport without first checking with your family doctor.
  • Control alcohol consumption as it will elevate blood pressure quickly.
  • High level of bad cholesterol LDL might narrow the pathway of your blood vessels and brings the pressure up, balance your diet with more good cholesterol HDL-rich food such as fish.
  • Have your eyesight tested at least once a year.
  • Some vegetables such as celery has been traditionally used in Asian diets for lowering blood pressure.
  • Keep calm and learn to relax your mind, it will also help to relax your heart.
  • Life always seems to be rushing on by; take a few deep breaths first and give your body enough oxygen before you start to take on the day.
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