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Living with Acute or Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is our body's method of protecting itself; without healthy inflammation our bodies would never heal.

However, chronic inflammation can eventually cause several long-term diseases and conditions, including cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, hay fever etc…. To lessen the chances of those mentioned diseases and conditions inflammation should be controlled as early as possible.

Acute Inflammation

  • Relevant causes - harmful bacteria or injury to tissue
  • Duration – presents itself shortly after the cause, but lasts only a few days
  • Consequences - the inflammation either gets better or develops into an abscess, or could change to chronic  inflammation
  • Examples – ingrown toenails, influenza, scratches and cuts on the skin

Chronic inflammation

  • Relevant causes - pathogens that cause persistent inflammation, infection with some types of viruses, overactive immune system reactions can also mistakenly attack healthy tissues
  • Duration – could last for several months and even years
  • Consequences - constant destruction of tissue, thickening and scarring of tissue and eventually death of cells or tissues
  • Examples – asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic active hepatitis
  • Caution - Some inflammation can occur deep inside the body and in organs that have no sensory nerves.  You may not feel the inflammation in those cases.

Workable Lifestyle Suggestions

  • REST, an overly-stressed person is more likely to have a non-stoppable inflammation response
  • People that have heavy body weights were found to have considerably higher levels of white blood cells, which could ultimately cause internal inflammation - so start to shape up!
  • Good personal hygiene and frequent hand washing helps combat bacteria and viruses that could lead to chronic diseases.
  • Eat well and exercise; lesser toxins in your liver and blood will calm down prolonged inflammation of the body easier  
  • Avoid chemicals, it could cause your immune system to react erratically
  • Include more alkaline food and drinks to your diet
  • Control your blood glucose level
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