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Eleotin is based on the multi-herb complex, P-700, developed at the Julia MacFarlane Diabetes Research Centre (JMDRC) at the University of Calgary, a world leader in research on the cause, cure, and prevention of Type I and Type II diabetes. We sell two formulations: Eleotin Diabetes Formula and Eleotin Cleanse and Detox.

Eleotin Diabetes Formula

eleotin diabetes formula

There is no known cure for diabetes in the sense of restoring an individual to his or her pre-illness state by removing the cause. Many factors contribute to diabetes, most having to do with individual lifestyles. However, Eleotin has been shown to be effective in helping lower and control blood glucose to healthy levels, allowing the body to work more effectively by itself. Some Eleotin users have reported normal blood glucose levels up to two years after they have stopped taking Eleotin.

According to the JMDRC researchers, P-700 can help:

  • Metabolise glucose more effectively.
  • Regenerate B-cells, leading to enhancement of Insulin secretion.
  • Increase Glucose Transporter 2 (GLUT 2) concentration.
  • Control carbohydrate (CHO) release.

Eleotin Cleanse and Detox

eleotin detoxWhile there are other cleansing products on the market, Eleotin is targeted towards people with metabolism disorders such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

Eleotin does this without danger or side effects. Celery, a key ingredient, helps dissolve or soften the hardened feces stuck on the inner walls of the intestines and sweep the softened waste out of the body.

Eleotin is not a laxative. Laxatives artificially induce diarrhea. They are habit forming and can damage the body's digestive system. Eleotin Cleanse and Detox is completely natural and one of the safest ways to restoring the healthy digestion in the body.

The Annemarie Börlind Line

Annemarie BorlindThe brand that builds on tradition and trusts in nature

The Annemarie Börlind company creates the finest skin-friendly cosmetics using primarily organic ingredients. The products are carefully formulated for every skin type and skin problem, with specially selected natural ingredients and no animal extracts, petroleum derivative or silicones.

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